What is it?

Kali Sikaran is a Martial Art from the Philippines in which students train with and without weapons.

Classes are suitable for adults of all abilities, fitness and experience levels.

Here at Kali Sikaran Bath we pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive environment which is fun, positive and uplifting for everyone!

Come and try it for yourself to find out!

Top 11 Benefits of Martial Arts:

  1. Learn self defence skills
  2. Release stress and reduce anxiety
  3. Build more confidence and courage
  4. Lose body fat and gain muscle
  5. Develop mental strength, self discipline and focus
  6. Improve cardiovascular health
  7. Better calmness and decision-making
  8. Boost energy levels and happiness
  9. Faster reflexes and better cognitive function
  10. Improve coordination, balance and posture
  11. Make life-long friendships

What do people think?

Jade ~ Harry is a very good teacher and leader, he is insightful, helpful and extremely supportive he has the patience of a saint! His classes are well planned and delivered, everything has a purpose.

Yang ~ Harry is a great instructor and WILL help you get to where you want to be.  I always say (and believe) the hardest step is showing up to the first class. Everyone at the club took a first step once (including Harry) so make yours.

Vanessa ~ This is the coolest club ever! I am so happy to learn how to defend myself in a very supporting and safe environment.  Thanks so much to Harry and the wonderful people who help with overflowing humour, wisdom and patience. You guys all rock!

Seb ~ Harry is a good teacher with an obvious passion for martial arts.  The class is friendly and fun to work with. I would definitely recommend it to anyone new to martial arts or with previous experience.


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