How to start

There’s a saying that the hardest part of any journey is the very first step. So take a deep breath… and… GO!

In fact, I still remember my first step into martial arts: I vividly recall how the anticipation was almost enough to stop me… I also remember how all that went away when I actually showed up, and found a smiling, friendly and welcoming group of people all there to help each other! My goal is to create the same experience for you.

So there’s no need to worry, the first step with us is easy because we provide clear instruction and guidance, and training equipment for you to use during your trial.  As you can attend as many classes as you want during your first two weeks for free, all you have to do is show up for the first time!

Kali Sikaran is a fun and challenging art that will bring you to new levels of speed, coordination, fitness and self confidence.  You will be learning Boxing, Kickboxing, Trapping and grappling skills with a self defence perspective. You will also be learning weapon skills and defence.

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All group classes are suitable to all levels of confidence, skill, fitness and body types.  No previous Martial Arts experience is necessary, as we all start somewhere, and everyone is friendly – even when posing for a photo…

A friendly group posing for a photo after a fun martial arts class at Kali Sikaran Bath
Always fun and friendly!

But What Happens After My Free Trial Ends?

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Your First Session

Each class follows a similar structure of: warm up, technical training, practical applications, padwork (or sparring when you’re ready), and a nice stretch and cool down at the end of each night.

Everyone at our club is welcoming, patient and helpful, and you are likely to find yourself smiling and laughing very early on in your first session!  From the very start, you will be learning techniques that look and feel like they could really work (because they really can), and with practice you will quickly get stronger and faster at doing them.

This is the type of confidence we want you to develop – a true understanding that you can do it for real, against a committed opponent, when it matters the most.  This is what we mean by “Self Defence with Confidence”.

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We love helping you learn and improve so you feel the spark of discovery and achievement in your eyes, and a big smile on your face!

Happy, smiling people having set and achieved martial arts goals at Kali Sikaran Bath