I am very excited to launch our new website for Kali Sikaran Bath!

Before starting my own school, I didn’t put much (any!) thought in to what it would entail – just show up and rock out some cool moves, get others to do it and back home, right?

WRONG! Website building is just ONE of the many ‘management’ tasks that go in to running your own school, along with financial record keeping, understanding and complying with tax rules, negotiation with venues, insurance and legal requirements, promotion, short-medium-long term lesson planning, equipment purchase and maintenance, blah blah blah…

Despite all the ‘extra’ tasks, you know what? It’s still worth it.  Seeing students improve their martial arts skills and abilities, leading to improved self confidence and self belief, leading to an improved LIFE, is worth it 100x over.

I want this website to act as a portal for more people to find out about Kali, and our classes in Bath, and understand how the modern training methods and context can fit with the “traditional” moves to make you more effective overall!

So, let me know in the comments if you like the website, or if you think it needs anything changing about it, or even if you hate it (hey, at least I’ll know)!

If you would like to help promote Kali Sikaran Bath and this website, then commenting here and sharing our website on social media will really help – I’d really appreciate it!

See you very soon.